Our Dean’s Message

                 Since its foundation, Dokuz Eylül Nursing Faculty is among pioneer education institutions of our country. The purpose of our faculty education is to raise good citizens as much as it is to train good nurses. Our faculty education bases on values of philanthropy, justice, equality and respect.  Our objective in education is to improve students’ skills of critical thinking, problem solving and making changes. In an attempt to reach these objectives, our faculty constantly evaluates and makes innovations in its education program. In order to attain its goals, our faculty puts effort to prepare the most convenient education environments for our students in theoretical, laboratory and implementation areas.

Our faculty has a strong academic staff. This strong staff succeeds in subjects of education, implementation and research fields in our country. Furthermore, having strong national and international ties, our faculty closely follows developments in nursing area in the world.

With Postgraduate and doctorate education that are conducted with connection to Health Sciences Institution, the faculty makes great contribution in training academicians of our country. Starting our doctorate programs as of 2015-2016 academic year, students will graduate with label of ORPHEUS, European Health Sciences Doctorate Programs platform.

Our faculty takes firm steps forward in order to be a leader in its field with all these features.

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