Erasmus and Socrates


International Relations and Erasmus Commission

Head of Commission and Faculty Erasmus Coordinator  Associate Professor Merlinda Aluş Tokat (Head)

Commission Members


Erasmus program an faculty member exchance program in our faculty have been started in 2004-2005 academic year. Nursing Faculty Erasmus Program task and detailed information are listed below.

Bilateral Agreements

We have 10 agreements in total. Click for the list of Agreements.

You can access DEU. Foreign Relations Coordination Web Site here


In order to increase the number of agreements, commission conducts works;

  • To find the school to make bilateral agreement
  • To determine conditions of the agreement to be signed, following singing period.
  • To expiration dates of signed agreements, to renew expired ones and determining reasons of the agreements that are not renewed.


Outgoing Erasmus Students

Number of outgoing students until now: 26

Number of students to go in 2015-2016 academic year: 6 (4 students of them will go within Erasmus education activity and 2 of them will go students within internship activity)


Commission conducts works of;

  • Announcing Erasmus applications to students
  • Following examination process
  • Informing students that will go and orienting them into the process
  • Locating students who went
  • Correspondence
  • Ensuring their accommodation
  • Carrying out follow-up after they are accommodated
  • Evaluating them after they came back.

Countries that students went so far: Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Finland.

Incoming Erasmus Students

Number of incoming  students until now : 39

Number of incoming students in 2015-2016 spring term: 4students came from different countries:  Romania, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia.

Outgoing Academic members

Number of outgoing academic members until nowr: 22

Number of outgoing academic members in 2015-2016 spring term: 1


Incoming Academic members

Number of ıncoming academic members until now: 21